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Lind, Douglas A
        Statistical techniques in business & economics / Douglas A. Lind, (Coastal Carolina University and The University of Toledo), William G. Marchal, (The University of Toledo), Samuel A. Wathen. - Eighteenth edition. - New York, NY : McGraw-Hill Education, [2021]. - xxvi,847p. ; 26cm.        (Coastal Carolina University)

        Tóm tắt: "We have made many changes to examples and exercises throughout the text. The section on "Enhancements" to our text details them. The major change to the text is in -response to user interest in the area of data analytics. Our approach is to provide instructors and students with the opportunity to combine statistical knowledge, computer and statistical software skills, and interpretative and critical thinking skills. A set of new and revised exercises is included at the end of chapters 1 through 18 in a section titled "Data Analytics.""

1. Economics -- Statistical methods.2. Commercial statistics.3. Kinh tế học -- Phương pháp thống kế.4. Thống kê thương mại.
I. Marchal, William G. II. Wathen, Samuel A.

Số định danh : 519.5 L311

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